ALTHY Alkaline Water Pitcher

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3 x filterpitcher and filter
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ALTHY Alkaline Water Pitcher
This is a 3.5L capacity water pitcher with a 7-stage filtration and mineralization system to purify and increase PH levels.

Your body requires a carefully maintained PH to function at its optimal capacity. This slightly alkaline (7.35) pH is affected by what we eat and drink. Nowadays, most people worldwide consume an acidic diet and therefore it is extremely important to balance your diet with alkaline food and water in an effort to counteract the effect of an acidic body.
ALTHY’s Alkaline Water Pitcher produces slightly alkaline water to help restore optimal body pH and promote healthy living.

● 7-Stage Filtration and Mineralization System:
Increases pH (7.5-9.5) & -ORP (-200) and ionizes drinking water. Remineralization adds healthy minerals such as Zn, Ca, Fe, and Se. Purifies, removing some fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine. Filtrates heavy metals in tap water(such as lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, and aluminium), providing a more natural taste. Removes odour and colour.

● FDA/RoHS/LFGB/SGG compliant:
Made of food-grade and BPA-free plastic; meets the food safety and human health requirement, and health is ensured

● Mechanical filter indicator:
The indicator displays the remaining life of the filter and notifies when the water filter needs to be replaced. (Replace after 60 days of use, or after filtering 400L water)

7-Stage Filtration and Mineralization Alkaline System:
1. None -woven Fabric Pad: act as a pre-filter for sediments.
2. NSF Certified Coconut Activated Carbon: improve taste and odour, filter chlorine, organic chemicals and heavy metal.
3. NSF Certified Ion-exchange Resin: filter dissolved contaminant and other metal, remove scale and soften water.
4. Tourmaliness Ceramic Balls: raise Ph, generate negative ions, and add trace minerals to the water.
5. Natural mineral stones: increase the biological activity of water, and supply trace elements and minerals, such as Zn, Ca, Fe, Se etc.
6. Energy Ceramic Balls: release far infra-red rays to energize and reduce water molecule clusters for better absorption.
7. Negative Potential Balls: Reduces ORP, creates anti-oxidant water, and adds trace amounts of hydrogen to the water.

Product Name: ALTHY Alkaline Water Pitcher
Applicable Source Water: Municipal tap water, pure water
Applicable Temperature: 5-38℃
Water Filter Pitcher Capacity: 3.5L
Filter Life: 400L
PH Value: 7.5-9.5 (depending on the source water)
ORP Value: -200mv
Dimension: 290 x 275 x 150mm

Package Includes:
1 x Alkaline Water Pitcher With 1 Filter
1 x English Manual

Alkaline Water Pitcher 7-Stage Filtration and Mineralization Alkaline System Increases PH level Alkaline Water Pitcher Comparison with other products Usage instructions for Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Brand Name


Product Name

Alkaline Water Pitcher

Water Pitcher Capacity


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Water Yield

2.0 Liter/Minute

Water Quality Requirements

Municipal Water/Well Water

Applicable Source Water

municipal tap water, pure water



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Terminal Purification

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    Goods received as per specification and in good condition. Usage instructions provided very clear. Delivery is fast. Store follow-up is good and kept customer well informed that there will be two separate packages.

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    Great stuff. Love it

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    excelente día producto para la salud..

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    great stuff , thank you very mach.

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